Entering non-standard types of workouts.

I have gotten questions from a lot of you about entering non-standard types of workouts. Below is quick rundown on how I do it. Also, if you have any suggestions — I am happy to hear them.


1. Death by (pullups, situps, burpess…. pick your poison) : How I enter:

a) Pick custom workout

b) Select timed

c) Enter the minute you were able to get to for the “time taken”

d) Enter total reps in the reps column next to the movement selected.

*** I also make a note in the notes section that it was a Death by… workout


2. Tabata : We are working on a better way of doing this and once again would welcome any suggestions.

Here is how I do it:

a) If it is just 1 movement I enter it as a 4 min AMRAP with that movement and enter total reps done either in reps per round and keep the rounds at 1 or say that I did 1 rep per round and enter the total reps in 4 minutes under rounds.

b) If it’s more than one movement: I enter it as a timed workout. Enter total time take in the time box and just enter the total number of reps done for each movement.

** I, once again, make sure to note that it was a Tabata workout. 

*** The chart below explains why only keeping track of your lowest score is not an accurate measure of your performance.

Person 1 did 81 reps versus 43 reps for person B. The rate of decay (how fast you tire in this case) is also very different. Thus we need to have the entire picture to make any kind of interpretation.