Entering a workout like FGB

So… I have gotten a bunch of you guys who want to know how to enter a workout like Fight Gone Bad


We have a couple ways to do it, but the easiest and most accurate way would be:

1. Choose “Timed Workout”

2. Choose the 4-5 movements in the workout (wall ball, SDHP, box jump, Push Press, row & rest **dont forget this one** for FGB). Leave the # of rounds as 1

3. Set the time in the next screen as 18min (15 minutes of work + 3 min of rest)

4. Enter total reps done for each movement and weight.



Change rounds on Step 2 to 3 rounds and enter the number of reps in each round separately.


Hope this helps


2 thoughts on “Entering a workout like FGB

    • deepak8612 says:

      Hi Adam

      Can you tell me a little more about how you signed up? Did you have access at one point and then something happened? Or did you sign up recently and have never had access?

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