Best reason ever to do CrossFit?

Thanks to Brittany Laughlin for sharing this gem from CrossFit Verve:

“Ben, 72 years old, trains crossfit to build strength to take care of his disabled adult son. He lifts his son in and out of his wheelchair daily.

Personal goal. Be more like Ben.”


Entering a workout like FGB

So… I have gotten a bunch of you guys who want to know how to enter a workout like Fight Gone Bad


We have a couple ways to do it, but the easiest and most accurate way would be:

1. Choose “Timed Workout”

2. Choose the 4-5 movements in the workout (wall ball, SDHP, box jump, Push Press, row & rest **dont forget this one** for FGB). Leave the # of rounds as 1

3. Set the time in the next screen as 18min (15 minutes of work + 3 min of rest)

4. Enter total reps done for each movement and weight.



Change rounds on Step 2 to 3 rounds and enter the number of reps in each round separately.


Hope this helps

Big Changes on Science Behind Sweat

Shortly many of you guys will start seeing some big changes on the site. To help you navigate through some of the changes please read below…

Overview of changes:

1. Profile page will now be a great dashboard showing you how you are “winning” and where you are “losing”(hopefully not!!) in your fitness (you got a preview of this yesterday).

What it looks like now: • What it WILL look like soon:


1. The 1-RM and CWC(conditioning score) charts have now moved to the analysis page

2. The CWC top-20 has been updated to show first name, last initial and gym affiliation of the individual

3. 6 new panels on the dashboard — a)workouts entered broken down by week, b) conditioning score and how it is changing c) most amount of work done in a single workout d) your ranking based on conditioning e) most and least used muscle groups and joints f) projected 1-RM’s on several lifts

And for the Pièce de résistance — the analytics that we have been promising you guys. Couple major insights on this version

1. Impact of different muscle groups on workout times and work output (i.e: which muscle groups and joints have the biggest positive and biggest negative impact on those outcomes)

2. How do you compare to other people very similar to you in those aspects

3. How can you fix you movement biases and deficiencies

Here’s how it will look. Clean UI and personalized recommendations.

We have made some significant progress in bringing you the cleanest UI and the first analytical tool in CrossFit. Keep telling us what you want and we will make big things happen together.

Work Capacity chart issues!!



The chart above is one of the features unique to Science behind Sweat. Over the past couple of weeks, it has been brought to our attention that several of you have been having issues with this particular chart.


We are aware of the issue and have been working diligently on a fix. Rest assured, we also took this opportunity to make a bunch of other changes and improvements across the site. Coming up in the next day or 2 is a phenomenal change in the way SBS works in addition to the fix to the work capacity chart.


Here is a sneak peek:


Next post to add details.