So you signed up for this Science Behind Sweat thing – now what?

One thing we learned in our recent survey was that a lot of users see Science Behind Sweat as simple means to log and track benchmark workouts.

Well, yes and no. Yes, we do that but there is SO much more cool stuff for you to track and learn about your performance! So yes, benchmarks are an important way to make sure you’re on the path to virtuosity, but you can also track your daily workouts.

As you enter more of your WODs, benchmarks, and 1 Rep Max workouts, you’ll be able to see how your performance in each workout stacks up against others. Are you better at Murph than you are at Eva, for example, and why? See where your workouts fall against your predicted work capacity, track which muscle groups you’ve worked and see how your work capacity is increasing.


Here’s a short video, narrated by our own Deepak G, that will walk you through logging your WODS:

We’ve just added almost 100 new, loggable movements, and new analytics are being added very soon, including the ability to compare your workouts to other users, and a warning system to let you know when you are approaching injury thresholds. We have some other cool tech coming your way that we’re pretty wiggly about, but we’re keeping that under wraps for a bit. (Squeeee!)

Logging WODS is even easier if your box is a Science Behind Sweat affiliate. For those boxes, WODS will be pre-populated on the site, so logging your work is easy. Coaches like it because it will allow them to look at overall analytics, see quantitative results of their programming, and make adjustments to better help you reach your goals.

In any case, we hope this is helpful and that you’ll shoot any questions our way. Meanwhile, work hard, track your progress and get better faster!

Your sparkle bestie at SBS,

Laura G.

Wish, Command: 100 New Movements Added!

Thanks to those of you who took the time to provide feedback in our recent survey; you asked and we listened! We have updated our “Add Workout” section to include almost 100 additional movements!

Just a few examples: 

Snatch Grip Deadlift

Renegade Rows

Tall Cleans

Wall Climb

…and Ball Slams

If there’s a movement you’d like for us to add, just let us know and we’ll have Dan and Deepak figure out the calculations for it – both in terms of muscle group involvement and work done – and then get it into the system for you.  Hit us up using the form at or send me an e-mail at

We’ve had a number of requests for scaled movements, which are next on the list. In the meantime, we’ll be adding a simple option to let you indicate if a WOD was scaled or not and then a space where you can describe the type of scaling.

Again, we appreciate your feedback. Please contact us any time with questions, requests or suggestions!

Work hard this week and, whatever you do, DO NOT  do this:

Your sparkle bestie at SBS,

Laura G

With the Games right around the corner, we are spending a lot of time looking up to the titans of CrossFit – people like Iceland Annie and Rich Froning – but on a day-to-day basis, it’s the people we work out with that inspire us the most.

Check out this video from our friends at CrossFit Greensboro – let us know if you agree!

“They did the work. I might have provided a path to get there, but they did the work.” – Coach John Meeks