VRTG Update: Prizes, Logging WODS, and just what is this VRTG thing anyway?


  • VRTG Prizes & Last Week’s Winners
  • Now Easier to Log Competition WODs
  • Quick Overview – What’s This All About Again?


Congrats to the first round of winners in our weekly random drawing! Each week we will give away 2 $20 gift certificates from ReDefineFit http://www.redefinefit.com/ , 3 full-sized bags of Progenex product and 5 Progenex promo items such as t-shirts, wristbands and shaker bottles. Winners are randomly selected, so everyone who registered for VRTG is eligible.

Congrats to:

  • Christina Ison and Jakob Magnusson, who each won $20 gift certificates from ReDefine Fit
  • David Stevens, Daniel Johnson & Benjamin Faler, who each won a bag of Progenex
  • Travis Whatcott, Adam Levinson, Bryan Mashburn, Jonathan Chung and Jim Gilbert, who each won a Progenex shaker bottle


Thanks everyone for your great feedback on the first VRTG competition WOD! One key thing we learned was that not everyone was aware that you had to log the WOD through the VRTG dashboard. We’ve added a button to the main ADD WORKOUT screen to make it easier.

Unfortunately, if you entered the competition WOD as a regular “custom” WOD, we aren’t able to track it for the leaderboard. We apologize for being high maintenance on this one, but we have to ask you to log it again through the VRTG button.

Srlsy, we hate ourselves. We’re super sorry. We’re doing burpees of contrition.

So sad.


For those of you just tuning in, the Virtual Road to the Games offers any CrossFitter the chance to compete with others around the country in our virtual competition.  To be eligible for the grand prize of a $300 gift certificate for Rogue Fitness (4 total prizes for male & female winners in scaled & RX divisions), simply log 3 WODS a week on Science Behind Sweat, and complete and log each of 4 competition WODS as specified by our crack team of WOD crafters here at Science Behind Sweat (AKA Deepak and Daniel).

Everyone who registers is eligible for random weekly drawings of cool stuff from our sponsors. What’s not to love?


Once you’re done with VRTG, we hope you’ll keep using Science Behind Sweat to track your progress overall.  We already have a lot of cool analytics tools that you wont find anywhere else and we have more on the way! More on this in our next post.

Thanks for checking in with us, now get off your computer and go crush a WOD or something!

– your pals at SBS

Srs WOD crushing at College Hill CrossFit


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