Benchmarks entry

We have noticed a minor inconvenience on the benchmarks entry. While you can enter full rounds for the AMRAPs, our partial round entry seems to be having some issues. We are currently fixing it and it will be updated this evening. Thanks to all the people who pointed it out this morning.

Please keep the feedback coming, it will help us keep building the perfect tool for CrossFitters like you




16 thoughts on “Benchmarks entry

    • deepak8612 says:

      At the moment the answer is no! We are working on a way to make that happen on the training log page. Right now you can see the workouts for 4-5 days at a time. How critical is it to be able to see your entire month?

  1. Well it is important especially if I have missed some heavy lifts. Meaning if I miss a 5×3 back squat and only get 4,3,4, then if hard to find that information. If, like in Beyondthewhiteboard, there were a quick reference or hover action over the WOD then i think it would be easier to use what you log. Also when logging amraps if i could just input the set exercises and then quickly multiple it, it would speed the process up. Just a few ideas. I like the site, but its limited.

    • deepak8612 says:

      We are making the logbook searchable and adding a monthly and yearly view to the calendar, so you will be able to search through all your workouts.

      As for AMRAPs — all you have to do is define a round and tell us how many rounds and partial round reps you did. I’m not sure I undertstand the issue. Can we schedule a skype chat? There may be an easy fix.

      • When I tried to enter data for 12.5. There was an error that said the max number reps I could enter on a partial round was “1”. In this instance I was trying to enter 11 reps on the fifth round of 12.5.

      • deepak8612 says:

        Hi Jon
        Our entry for 12.5 doesnt ask you for rounds at all. It asks you for total reps completed (i.e: 126 etc). Let me know if you were actually talking about a different entry

  2. Chris Broccoli says:

    Just some small things…
    – Missing activities… Jump Rope (duration or number of reps) and Biking (road and/or mountain)
    – Under the graphs, it would be nice to have a calendar popup instead of free text in the box. Would be nice if the defaults were a sliding 30 days or the current month.
    – Under the muscle groups graph, when move your mouse over a bar, it tells me that muscle was involved in x of some number of total workouts. The total does not really match the number of workouts, just the total number of muscles shown (as far as I can tell).
    – Under the muscle group graph again, it not count biceps and lats when I did pullups.

    • Chris Broccoli says:

      Sorry, just saw single under… I guess jump rope is covered. Might be good to add Jump rope in the text anyway for newbies like me :-p

      • deepak8612 says:

        Hi Chris — We are adding a FAQ’s list where you can look at our list of movements and identify what they are called in our database.

  3. -You should clarify whether or not you need to add “weight” to unweighted exercises like push-ups etc
    – Create the option to manually enter the date when you first enter a log. It seems to currently default to the current date
    – Don’t see a good way to enter workouts such as 12.2

    Or choose not to reinvent the wheel

    – Join forces with beyondthewhiteboard. Charge customers an extra $2-3 per month on top of beyondthewhiteboard’s base rate as an optional “analysis package”

    • deepak8612 says:

      To enter a workout like 12.2 — you would choose AMRAP, then 1/23/4 sets of snatches depending on what weight you got to… and then enter the appropriate number of reps and weights for each. Let me know if you have any other questions

    • deepak8612 says:

      1. You can add weight to body weight movements if you so choose or you can leave it at 0 if it was bodyweight. please see the demo video below for a quick run through of the entry system.
      2. when you first enter a log — you do have the option to set a different date. by defualt the date is set to that day. clicking on the highlighted date will popup a calendar and allow you to change dates.

  4. I think it would be more intuitive to create a “Rounds” feature when entering work outs. It will also make searching for WODs easier going forward.

    • deepak8612 says:

      Hi Jon —

      We are considering the rounds feature for the timed workout entry. It already exists for the AMRAPs but we are changing the entry for the timed wods.

      BTW — I tend to miss a lot fo the comments on the blog.. feel free to email me :

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