Murph Day

Every year on Memorial Day CrossFit athletes everywhere undertake an especially difficult workout in honor of honor Lt. Michael Murphy and others who gave their lives in the line of duty. “Murph” as we call it, is known as a Hero WOD (Workout of the Day) and is composed of:

1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run
(Weighted vest optional)

It sucks. A lot. And we do it with the deepest sense of gratitude and respect for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Here’s a link to Lt. Michael Murphy’s amazing story.

Please join us in taking a moment to remember America’s heroes and have a safe and happy Memorial Day!




NorCal Predictions


The Norcal Regionals are about to kick off in a few hours. What are your guesses on performance. Here are our predictions for a couple of top athletes in the region: Jason Khalipa and Neal Maddox.

Event 1: Khalipa- 2:59 Maddox- 2:27
Event 2: Khalipa- 13:32 Maddox- 13:40
Event 3: Khalipa- 3:44 Maddox- 3:36
Event 4: Khalipa- 18:03 Maddox- 18:15
Event 6: Khalipa- 13:20 Maddox- 13:01
** All predictions have a range. The exact time given above is in the middle of this range.

As always, these are made with the caveat that we only have access to minimal number of data points (~10 each) and that some of the data is years old (previous yrs games). Its likely that we could be even closer if we have more recent data.

I’m ready for another weekend of regionals awesomeness. Are you?

Jason Khalipa

Benchmarks entry

We have noticed a minor inconvenience on the benchmarks entry. While you can enter full rounds for the AMRAPs, our partial round entry seems to be having some issues. We are currently fixing it and it will be updated this evening. Thanks to all the people who pointed it out this morning.

Please keep the feedback coming, it will help us keep building the perfect tool for CrossFitters like you