New site and other awesomeness

If you are reading this blog, its likely that you are aware that we have a new and awesome site up. This was a natural progression from what we had up before. So thanks to all of you who tested the previous site and gave us your feedback. We have taken all the solicited and unsolicited comments to heart in creating this new site for you. It literally is the BEST way to log your CrossFit training and analyze your performance. Actually, its the only way to analyze your performance. There is nothing else like it out there. I know —- because I have tried all of them. 


I have taken quite the break from blogging and that is partly because I was still recovering from my 6th surgery in less than 10 months (i will detail that in another blog post(s)) and partly because I was making the transition to doing this full time. That’s right  folks, we are now a team of 4 working fulltime on bringing you the best way to track AND analyze your fitness progression. 


We have had interesting developments over the past month. We got accepted to a highly competitive startup accelerator in Durham call the Triangle StartUp Factory and received some significant funding as well. I have moved permanently to Durham, NC from DC. 


If you are a gym and want to join in on the beta test for the site that we are about to start in 4 weeks, email me at We have about 15 gyms who have committed to it now and would like 20+. Get on it — its gonna be awesome.  


Thanks for signing up and I encourage you to post comments and start a dialogue with me/us/each other. Any questions on what you can do with the site/mobile apps, types of analysis you can do — really, ask me anything. I want to talk to you. 



More frequent updates and information coming soon 




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